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Emitsys Co,.LTD, is a leading business application software developer. We provide state-of-art system for governments and enterprises worldwide. Emitsys is a friendly and energetic company that focuses on innovation and smart technology comes to mind. We are committed to retaining a small-company environment but rapidly grow with world class solution. Lists below are part of our works and innovations.

Emitsys' s Product

Access Control

Building Access Control

"Emit Pass, Smart Gate" -- Ensured top security for building access control technology, "Emit Pass" access control system utilizes RFID, UHF, ultra-sonic, and others efficiency means to suit your outdoor access control and inner building architectural functions.

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Science Lab Equipment

Science Laboratory Equipment

In science education, learning kits and laboratory equipments are increasingly important to encourage students’ learning development and to support educational aid. Good quality learning equipment—especially for science, laboratory, physics and etc. fields—will help in beneficial learning processes. Emitsys Co., Ltd. is a firm advancing in equipment provider to schools and national education system.

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Wizard Drive

Wizard Drive

Wizard Drive helps reduce the risk of distributing personal information as the other people cannot access to enciphered data so easily. Although the data is stolen, the thief will spend so much time with untold number of year to encode Hydra system and get the data.

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GPS Tracer

GPS Tracer (E-custom and Logistic Trace System)

It is a tracking system which helps examine the accurate of cargo carriage’s transiting products. This system provides the driver as well as the central or the control system of the company every road that the cargo vehicle has to go through until it can reach the destination. It also shows the current position of the carriage, the central system will know that the driver is still responsible to his duty or not.

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Website Classification and Internet Filtering ( WebCIF )

Web CIF software is the automatic database which searches prepares and sorts unique information and controls the unwanted data. When you want to explore the important information, this software will discover the entire webs that have the data you want. Then it will analyze all of the webs and classify into specific kinds which is simple to examine the needed stories.

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Website Filtering and Internet Blockade ( Web FIB )

Web FIB is a significant program that prevents unsuitable information appearing in your computer. It makes customers fully impressive with its rapid, convenient and uncomplicated using. This software is proper to general parents to control their children not to pay attention to absurd webs. Try Web FIB, the comfortable, fast and easy program that fulfills all your needs. To protect people out of cyber claims should select "Website Filtering and Internet Blockade Technology" ( Web FIB )

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Parental Control

Clean Cyber Parental Control Software

Nowadays, internet becomes the most common part of human life. This new technology undeniably has it upside in term of the wealth of information which is available to everyone. However, the children also risk exposing to sexually explicit sites, and violation materials. Some websites provide context for children to act abusively toward each other.

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